Sunday, 10 May 2015

Revision break anyone?

It's that dreaded time of year again, exams are looming and deadlines seem to be dominating everything - hence why we have had a little break from blogging, but now we are feeling more prepared we are excited to share some more posts! Since exercising makes for the perfect revision break, there is no excuse for slacking! We have been trying to mix up our workouts a bit, so we’ve been doing about 45 minutes of cardio, followed by 20-30 minutes focusing on a specific area of the body. Since there are so many different exercises that target specific muscle groups, we find this adds a massive amount of variety to our workouts, whilst really working certain muscles hard! The key is never to over-complicate things, stick to the well-known exercises, they are generally well known for a reason; they work!

Today we focused on lower body, which must have been effective as it made walking up the stairs a struggle due to our legs aching so much!

Here are some of the exercises we performed using different equipment: 

Gym balls 

Well we all know they are pretty fun to bounce on, but gym balls are also incredibly beneficial in terms of improving strength, cardio endurance and balance. There are literally so many different ways to use gym balls; once you’ve mastered the art of balancing on them you can tell they are really effective. We tried: 

·      Ball lunges 
·      Wall squats
·      Squat and reach 
·      Bridges


We were familiar with using the barbell from our pump and tone classes, which are such great classes for toning and conditioning the muscles. We decided to replicate some of the exercises we learned in the classes: 

·      Squats 
·      Calf raises 
·      Lunges 
·      Step-ups


There are so many exercises you can do using the TRX, which are ideal for a full body workout. But as we were just focusing on the lower body we did a variation of the following: 

·      Lunges
·      Squats
·      One-legged squats
·      Jumping squats


Dumbbell exercises target legs, upper, lower and inner thigh muscles as well as the calves, performed properly these exercises will make your muscles burn a lot:

·      Lunges
·      Dumbbell swing through
·      Side lunges
·      Goblet squats

We thoroughly enjoy the variety using such equipment adds to our workouts, it seems to make it go by so much faster and we can definitely feel the effects which is always good too!

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