Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Everything needs a starting point

Health and fitness is a major part of our lives, and has especially been over the last couple of years. Having read a whole collection of fitness and lifestyle blogs over this time, we have been inspired to share our own ideas and interests regarding a healthy and happy lifestyle.
We are both 19 year old students at Cardiff University, so trying to go against the stereotypical uni student stigma - who generally has a poor diet and struggles to fit exercise into a tight schedule - can be slightly difficult at times. However, in meeting each other and finding our mutual interest in fitness, it has actually been fairly easy in discovering it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle at uni with the right attitude.
We both love to workout as it leaves such a good feeling and acts as the perfect means of escape. We have also discovered a wide range of new forms of exercise whilst becoming students, such as weekly classes ranging from 'Boxercise' to 'Pump and Tone' which mean our workouts are never monotonous. Whilst we have never been great in the cooking department, we are gradually learning and developing the confidence to create more healthy and delicious dishes.
So together we want to share our fitness goals and healthy recipes with you all, we hope you enjoy!

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