Sunday, 12 April 2015

Mixing up the cardio!

It kind of goes without saying that when it comes to exercise, the best way to stay motivated is to mix it up and keep it fun.  So fitness classes are the obvious option, and with so many different classes available it is easy to find ones that you enjoy and give you a great workout. Classes enable you to try new things and really push yourself, there is definitely no room for slacking!

Circuits is a personal favourite. It is definitely the most fun class due to the variety and the amount of people doing it creates such a great atmosphere.  The fact that you are constantly moving between different exercises makes this class a perfect boredom buster, and the combination of strength and cardio creates a really fun and interesting workout.The hall is divided into three sections; legs, core and upper body and you work you way round each section twice, spending 40 seconds at each fitness station.  

Examples of exercises


·      Squat jumps
·      Box jumps
·      Lunges
·      Sprints with core bags
·      Kettle bell swings
·      Burpees
·      Viper lunges
·      TRX squats
·      High knee sprints


·      Crunches
·      Bicycle crunches
·      Mountain climbers
·      Spiderman push-ups
·      Twisting sit-ups
·      Plank
·      Reverse abdominal curl
·      V sit-ups

Upper body:

·      Dumbbell lateral raises
·      Core bag clean and press
·      Bench press
·      Bent over rowing
·      Bicep curls
·      Seated dips
·      Shoulder press

The list could go on and on, circuits can include so many different exercises which is one of the great things about it! Aside from being incredibly fun, there are so many benefits to circuit training. The class is highly energetic and motivating, and is brilliant for developing strength and endurance. There is little time for rest in this class, meaning that your heart rate is elevated for the entire period of the class, maximising the volume of work done in a short period of time. The combination of weight training and increased cardiovascular effort makes it a perfect high calorie burning class, that targets the whole body; you will definitely be able to feel the effects on your muscles the next day, they tend to ache a lot! 

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