Sunday, 5 April 2015

Fitness first

Nothing beats the feeling after a good workout. Fact. It really does leave you feeling so relaxed and stress free. Yes it is a lot of effort to get into workout clothes and trek to the gym, but that is normally the hardest part, once you are there, you will actually probably enjoy it and you will definitely feel a hundred times better after. Not that the gym is the only way to achieve an active lifestyle, of course there are many other ways to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle; you just have to find what suits you best.

We like to include a mixture of gym sessions and fitness classes. Ok, admittedly we are guilty of being cardio bunnies when it comes to working out in they gym, but that’s only because we find the swarm of boys dominating the weights area a tad daunting! So generally we stick to the cardio equipment and save resistant training for the safety of classes such as pump and tone. These classes are literally so fun and motivating, and a great way of ensuring that we get a good balance or cardio and weights.  Aside from our workouts, we walk, a lot! Walking everywhere is such a great way of exercising without even realising, especially if you try to walk as briskly as possible to raise your heart rate that bit more. For us this is normally unintentional as it is due to being late for a lecture so we have no choice but to power walk!

A lot of people aren’t keen on polar watches as they are “calorie counting” but we find that they are a great way to track our workouts and ensure we are working to our full potential. As we both have polar watches, we are able to make a comparison at the end of our workouts or fitness class to see who burnt the most calories. This makes us so much more motivated to work hard as we become competitive and determined to beat each other!

This year we have set ourselves the 
goal of completing a half marathon.  Eeek. Pretty daunting but we are determined to do it.  We have both never ran that far before but we are so excited; the sense of accomplishment will be unreal! So now that spring is here, there is absolutely no excuse to be cooped up in the gym, we are taking our marathon training outside. How much nicer is running outdoors anyway? The fresh air, the beautiful surroundings and the sense of freedom is just incomparable.  And with loads of different parks and trails right on our doorstep, we will be running various routes, gradually increasing the distance as our endurance improves. 
Hopefully this will prepare us for the 13 miles!

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